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Since 2002, Triple Threat Dancewear has brought you costumes from the cutting edge. We refuse to play anything safe and strive instead to bring you out-of-the-box and sometimes daringly edgy dance costumes that are sure to turn heads. We are the opposite of “beige”; we are loud, proud, and as unique as you dare us to be!

In fact, our unique mix-and-match system allows you to dream your dance costume YOUR way. Because like us, you don’t want your dancers to look like anyone else. So whether you’re searching for edgy lyrical and contemporary costumes or dynamic themed jazz costumes – like our vintage circus pieces or our ghostly Marie Antoinettes – we’ve got you covered. And whether you’re all about bling, or whether you like your dancers to wear simple, elegant leotards, we’ve got both to suit the “more is more” and the “less is more” sensibility.

How do I order?

To order online, you will need to have an approved account. Triple Threat sells exclusively to dance and performing schools, private and public schools, colleges, and professional entertainers. Please contact us if you require any assistance.