Triple Threat Dancewear
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Triple Threat Dancewear

Dance Costumes for the SERIOUS competitor!
Welcome to Triple Threat Dancewear

We offer dance costumes and dance wear for competition, dance recital costumes, and even costumes for professional dancers/entertainers. Our cutting edge designs combined with quality fabrics and construction, have the look and feel of custom made costumes but without the hassle.

Our innovative "mix and match" concept allows you to pick and choose each dance costume piece separate in order to create your own custom look. The sky is the limit with our endless combinations! Start from the base (leotard, bandeau top, hotshort, etc) and layer your favorite costume pieces on top (skirt, tunic, dress, jacket, feather ruff, corset, belt etc) to fit with your style, mood or concept. Our catalog photos only scratch the surface of the endless combinations that can be created. You can take what we have shown you and tweak, manipulate, imagine it your own way and voila, you have created the perfect dance costume for your needs! Lyrical costumes, jazz costumes, Hip-hop costumes…we have them all!!! Never again will you have to worry about whether your neighborhood competitor will have the same dance wear.

Has your budget become an issue in your dance wear decision? No problem with Triple Threat Dancewear! Check out our mix and match economizing section where we show you how to get more bang for your buck. Does your senior performing group utlize more then one dancewear costume style? We give examples of how to take 1 or 2 costume pieces and make them work for every style whether it is jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, broadway, contemporary or novelty character. If your budget is really limited, you can pick your favorite Triple Threat costume piece and pair it with something you already have. One costume item, endless possibilities!

Jazz Dance Costumes. Let's face it, dance and dance costumes have evolved and changed over the past 100 years since "jazz" dance came onto the scene. Jazz dance now encompasses a wide range of stylistic movement. We want to make sure that we have you covered! Our jazz dance costumes range from sparkles & flash, sexy & stylish, exotic themed, vintage glamour, rock & roll chic, and broadway glam. Whether you are creating a thematic novelty piece or an upbeat girlie number, we have you covered!

Lyrical Dance Costumes. In recent years lyrical dance and contemporary dance has become all the rage. We can thank the emergence of dance reality shows for bringing these two styles to the forefront of pop culture. We want to make sure we have something for everyone. So, we created lyrical dance costumes that span from soft and pretty to dark and mysterious. Whatever your story is, we want to help you tell it! We have created a lyrical dance costumes that gives you that freedom of expression...

Contemporary dance is beautiful fusion of lyrical, ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Although it is hard to define, contemporary dance is taking the dance world by storm! To enhance our lyrical dance costume line, we have created contemporary dance costumes that will meet your needs as a contemporary choreographer/dancer. We have combined rich textured fabrics with mix and match pieces that can be manipulated or tweaked to match whatever your dance piece requires. Our contemporary dance costumes are simple, edgy, and creative! The sky is the limit with our endless combinations of lyrical and contemporary dance costumes.

When it comes to hip-hop dance costumes, baggy and masculine is not always best. We have created hip-hop dance costumes that are as feminine, stylish, and fun as you! Our street chic collection gives you ideas on how to pair and accessorize our dance costume pieces to make them work for any style of hip-hop. Since hip-hop has evolved, shouldn't your hip-hop costume evolve too? Take a look at our idea of what's "hot" and give it your funky flair! Baggy pants and hoodies are no longer your only option for hip-hop dance costumes!


Triple Threat Dancewear

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